EMCR Collective Update

EMCR Collective Update

The CRE WHiRL EMCR Collective welcomed two new members to the leadership team in 2024. Dr Stephanie Pirotta joined as co-chair with Dr Renea Fernandez, and Dr Nicole Scannell as secretary. On behalf of our members, we would like to say a big thank you to Dr Jillian Tay for her hard work and enthusiasm in creating and maintaining a thriving EMCR Collective. We would also like to thank Dr Bettina Mihalas who served as secretary in 2023.

The Collective currently has 64 EMCR members across Australia. Membership is open to PhD candidates and early to mid-career (5-15 years postdoctoral) researchers with an interest in advancing women’s health research and improving health outcomes. Please get in touch if you would like to join the EMCR Collective (nicole.scannell@research.usc.edu.au). Members meet online three times per year. These meetings provide an opportunity to celebrate the successes of our members, meet potential collaborators and provide information about upcoming professional and research development opportunities. Our next member meeting will be held on Wednesday 10 July 4pm AEST.

In April this year, the EMCR Collective organised a well-attended online workshop on the Transition from PhD to Postdoc Roles. We heard from three guest speakers who generously shared their experiences and insights around the following themes – Managing clinical and researcher roles (presented by Dr Anju Joham); Grants, mentoring and career development (presented by Dr Elizabeth Bromfield); and Balancing work and family (presented by Dr Stephanie Cowan). A recording of the workshop can be access here https://usc-au.zoom.us/rec/share/NKtOA_UES-pW8kU0T3xkTdVqz_NWzQ-z5PhzQAMRJ9G0R-upA2GQF-XF1oCN6McD.ZH-fT5vcaZ84-Yq6?startTime=1713332094000. Passcode: .C*1D3%? .

Look out for details of our upcoming workshops, which are scheduled for August/September and December this year. Please also let us know if you have any suggestions for workshop topics.

Steph and Renea are very excited and grateful to be part of the CRE WHIRL ECR leadership group and are looking forward to getting to know the members of the CRE WHIRL group better and to help others with their women’s health research in any way they can!

– CRE WHiRL EMCR Collective Leadership Group

Read about Dr Renae Fernandez and Dr Stephanie Pirotta

This is Renae’s second year as co-chair of the CRE WHiRL EMCR Collective and she looks forward to working with Stephanie and the rest of the leadership team to continue to provide engaging and valuable professional and research development opportunities for our EMCR members.

Dr Stephanie Pirotta is an accredited practising dietitian and research fellow in the Health and Social Care Unit at School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. She completed her PhD at MCHRI in 2020 which developed a clinical, Medicare funded lifestyle program for women with PCOS using mixed-methods, to be implemented at the first Medicare-funded PCOS clinic at Monash Health. Steph’s passion for women’s health has also led her to start her women’s health dietetic clinic called Womanly Nutrition and Dietetics where she helps women experiencing PCOS, chronic pelvic pain, infertility and perimenopause improve their quality of life with evidence-based nutrition therapy. In her spare time she likes to spend time in cafes, meet friends, have cuddles on the couch with her dogs and enjoy gym classes.