ECR Evidence Team

ECR Evidence Team

Led by Dr Chau Thien Tay (Jillian) and Dr Aya Mousa, the PCOS Guideline Evidence Team initiated a movement to involve early to mid-career researchers (EMCR) with evidence synthesis for the PCOS guideline update.

Members of the ECR Evidence Team were recruited from the  CRE WHiRL EMCR and PhD Student Collective, Androgen Excess and PCOS Society Early-Career Special Interest Group and the EMCR network of the members of the  Guideline Development Group.

The aims of the ECR Evidence Team are to improve young researchers’ skills and capacity, foster collaborative relationships, provide opportunities to be mentored by experts in the PCOS field and increase EMCR’s visibility. Involved EMCRs were matched with a systematic review topic of their interest and then paired with relevant guideline key contacts who would mentor them in the process. The EMCRs were further supported with training sessions regarding guideline development, systematic review and GRADE.

More than 30 EMCRs from seven countries including Australia, USA, UK, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Hong Kong were involved and contributed to evidence synthesis which directly inform the PCOS Guideline recommendations.

If you are interested to join this fantastic EMCR Collective, please contact Jillian on: