December update – Latest news, achievements & more

December update – Latest news, achievements & more

Welcome to our December update

As our Centre comes to the end of its second year, we have a very good idea of what we’ve achieved and what our future looks like.  We are making good progress in all themes of PCOS, infertility, and premature menopause, with researchers publishing well and making an international impact.  The aim of the CRE is to translate research into health outcomes, bring interdisciplinary researchers together, and train the next generation.  While these have been difficult during the past two years, we are committed to making them the core of our Centre. 

Lockdowns have created difficulties in getting together, travelling, and contributing to international meetings.   However, with everything online we’ve actually been able to contribute more internationally, by being invited to talk at meetings and attend meetings in many countries without the travel.  

The Centre plans to host an Australia meeting in Melbourne for all CRE Chief Investigators, Associate Investigators and students in the first half of next year.   It will be a great chance to catch up again, rebuild relationships and make new ones, and to learn about research in other themes.  We’ll also be offering travel scholarships and there are several postdocs from overseas that are waiting for our borders to open so that they can join us.  This will refresh our enthusiasm, and give a big boost to our programs in 2022.

Australia is one of the leaders in reproductive health and our CRE has some of the most important and significant researchers in the world in the area.   Some of our researchers, listed below, have been recognised for their outstanding achievements and we congratulate them.  We have a remarkedly good publications rate, and our citations are one of the highest internationally.  We remain focused on our primary aim, which is to improve the health and wellbeing of women in Australia and to grow the research workforce and to continue this long into the future. 

We are proud to be leading this CRE on your behalf and wish to thank all our members and supporters for their commitment and patience over the last two years.

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