App Update 2022

App Update 2022

Ask Pcos App –

The Ask PCOS App is increasing uptake in 2022 with its availability in the Apple and Google stores and via browser as a web application. The App has reached 33K women in 183 counties.

In 2022 we included new features, such as an animation explaining PCOS and a discussion forum for women to ask questions in the growing AskPCOS community. A symptoms analysis feature has been added to analyse tracked symptoms to help women understand their symptoms and how they relate as well as facilitate and support women when discussing symptoms with health professionals.

Factsheets have been translated into Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. We have expanded the content, especially on psychological wellbeing when being diagnosed with PCOS.  

We will further expand the content on healthy lifestyles and add a smart goal-setting feature in 2023. The four-year app impact analysis is available here.

The impact analysis of the PCOS online resources is available here.

Ask EarlyMenopause App –

The AskEarlyMenopause app is available via and in the Apple App store and Gooogle play store. It was launched in February 2022.

The App is co-designed with women experiencing early menopause or POI and includes a wealth of information on diagnosis, symptoms and management of early menopause, as well as an animation and short videos of women explaining their challenges and how they have managed.

To launch the App, the Centre ran webinars to introduce the App to health professionals and patients. The user numbers are increasing as we are communicating the application to a wider group of clinicians and the community. In the first nine months after launch, the App has reached over 2,200 women in 53 countries.

More information on the metrics is available in this infographic. The App also includes a discussion forum and symptom tracking to support women when communicating with health professionals and a goal-setting feature to support women on the path to achieving a healthier lifestyle.