Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets bi-annually to provide guidance and advice to the CRE Executive to ensure all goals and objectives of the CRE WHIRL are met.

Members – Helena Teede (chair), Robert Norman (Co-Chair), Gita Mishra, Jacqueline Boyle, Roger Hart, Ben Mol, Lisa Moran, Martha Hickey, Joop Laven, Raymond Rodgers, Natalie Vujovich (consumer representative for infertility and early menopause), consumer representative for PCOS (to be advised)

Translation/Evaluation Committee

The Translation and Evaluation subcommittee meets bi-annually to provide strategic guidance and advice to enable the CRE to achieve objectives as follows:

  • The CRE translation activities aim to improve patient experience, diagnosis, treatment, health outcomes, quality of life and empowerment for women with common neglected reproductive health conditions.
  • The Evaluation approach will utilise our formal knowledge-to-action translation framework and focus on guidelines, resources, dissemination and models of care.

Members – Rhonda Garad (Chair), Melanie Gibson-Helm (Co-Chair), Anna MacLeod, Amanda Vincent, Michael Costello, Renata Kokanovic, Jacqueline Boyle, Robert Norman.

Training and Mentoring Committee

The Training and Mentoring subcommittee meets quarterly and is responsible for awarding scholarships, fellowships and grants to early and mid-career researchers, and providing a program to support development of the next generation of leaders.  It also oversees planning and content for training activities and mentorship programs undertaken by the CRE, access and analysis support for unique data sets, mentoring, leadership training, and realistic financial support

Members – Jacqueline Boyle (Chair), Siew Lim (Co-Chair), Martha Hickey, Ben Mol, Roger Hart, Ray Rodgers, Lisa Moran, Jillian Tay

Communication/Collaboration Committee

The Communications and Collaborations subcommittee meets bi-annually, focusing on communication with strong processes and proactive strategies for both internal cohesion and external stakeholders, nationally and internationally. It aims to support the translation program to drive evidence into practice and policy as well as inclusion of end users: all health professionals, consumers, and policy makers.

Members – Robert Norman (Chair), Lisa Moran (Co-Chair), Anna MacLeod, Joop Laven, Roger Hart, Luk Rombauts, Rhonda Garad, Amanda Hamilton

New Knowledge Committee

The New Knowledge subcommittee meets bi-annually, providing strategic guidance to research project leads for projects being undertaken to address knowledge gaps in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, infertility and early menopause. They will also develop or support development of new projects aligned with the CRE aims and will assist in the development and enhancement of strong collaborative links (international and national) with relevant services, the community, government agencies, other universities and research centres.

Members – Helena Teede (Chair), Anju Joham (Co-Chair), Ray Rodgers, Martha Hickey, Amanda Vincent, Robert Norman, Ben Mol, Georgina Chambers, Kirsty Walters, Rhonda Garad

International Advisory Committee

The International Advisory Committee meets annually and provides strategic guidance and expert advice to the CRE WHiRL Steering Committee. The Committee has an advisory reporting pathway to the CRE Steering Committee. The Advisory Committee will also promote leadership, collaboration, research and education in topics relevant to women’s health in reproductive life (e.g. PCOS, early menopause, infertility).

Members - Prof. Bart Fauser (Netherlands) (Chair), Prof. Zephne Van der Spuy (South Africa), Dr. Anuja Dokras (USA), Prof. William (Bill) Ledger, Dr. Clare Boothroyd (Australia), Prof. Rod Baber (Australia), Prof. Cindy Farquhar (New Zealand), Dr. Ricardo Azziz (USA), Prof. Steve Franks (UK), Consumer representative (to be advised)

Executive Committee

The CRE WHiRL Executive Committee meets bi-monthly and oversees and coordinates the activities and operations of the CRE to ensure that pre-defined goals and objectives are achieved. The CRE WHiRL Executive reports to the CRE WHiRL Steering Committee.

Members - Helena Teede (Chair), Robert Norman (Co-Chair), Jacqueline BoyleRhonda GaradAnju Joham, Lisa Moran, Kirsty Walters, Melanie Gibson-Helm, Linda Downes